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If The Boob Fairy Passed Your House

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Everyone’s been dissed by a fairy, the boob fairy, the height fairy, the thin hair fairy, the big nose or thin lips fairy. Then there are the cases where the fairy came two or three times like the hip fairy, the butt fairy, the thigh fairy or the belly fairy.

So if the boob fairy never came to your house, have no fear there are many advantages. You can sleep on your stomach and you never have to worry about getting squished when hugged. You can sport low cut and never worry about spillage or be on an endless search for a supportive comfortable bra. The truth is that when you’re in the mood, you can always look larger tweaking the perception by almost two cup sizes larger. Padded bras that are washed and hung will create an evenly spaced set of phantom boobs and will balance your belly and butt. Push up and pretty lace bras are easy to find and comfortable to wear and bandeau’s and bustiers look great. And nothing is sexier than going bra less.

More than a handful of anything is difficult to manage. Contrary to what some may think, not all men are into big boobs. Sex appeal and big boobs are not synonymous so be grateful and start celebrating your perky petite breasts.