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For Women Over Seventy

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Mature women want to look as fashionable as the younger women. The challenge is finding wearable updated clothing to fit your life style, budget,and figure.  Modifying today’s fashions will keep you looking current when you follow simple guide lines keeping everything in proportion to your size.

Handbags are one of the give aways to your age. Discard pocket books that are flattened, stained, cracked, or have multiple compartments. Condense. You don’t need to carry a lot for one day’s outing. Choose shoulder bags in bright colors and textures with different shapes.

Shoes should be updated selecting colors with texture and some stretch. Don’t sacrifice style for comfort. If you have to wear corrective shoes, keep the eyes up with your elegant outfits and fun accessories and your fabulous smile.

Dressing sexy doesn’t mean you have to show off too much of your body. You don’t want to look like you are trying too hard. Bring out your sensuality wearing rich fabrics like silk, cashmere fur, or leather.

Choose strong vivid colors like elegant reds, plums and wines. Chocolate browns, deep navy and rich champagnes look luxurious. Fabrics with gold or silver threads running through it add shine and subtle glitz. Stay away from beige, taupe, army green or pale pastels unless paired with vivid colored blazers or accessories. Wear cabled cardigans with flat knit tops nit the matching tank. Be comfortable but stay away from baggy clothing. Dresses are great as you never have to concern yourself with what goes with them except accessories and a great pair of shoes.

Accessories are important to dazzle any outfit and should be used differently that how you originally wore them. Use multiple strands of pearls of different sizes and lengths mixing them with gold chains. You can also wear them as belts. If the pearls are costume, be sure they haven’t yellowed.  Apply brooches on hats and scarves and use them to pinch together a neckline. Use clip earrings on the straps close to the bust line.

For rounded or sloped shoulders, add shoulder pads too square off your frame and appear upright. Use them with your everyday outfits not just for special occasions.

Be sure to wear a good bra that fits properly. Consider padding and adjust straps for a great lift. Buy pretty colors, patterns and lace in bras and panties. Even if no one sees them, you will feel sexy, youthful, more feminine and it will show on your face.

Don’t over due your make up. You are beautiful naturally and your laugh lines and wrinkles display your wisdom. Highlight your lips with brighter shades of lipstick or your eyes with mascara. Use a lip liner to avoid lipstick bleeding but don’t over extend your natural lip lines. Re-apply lipstick after lunch. Fill in patchy eye brows with a powdered brow or eye shadow applying with a slanted thin brush. A dark stick pencil looks too severe. Contour the shape. Too straight across will appear angry, too rounded looks clowny.

Update your hair do with a chic salon style that is manageable, staying away from  small curlers and perms. Add color to washed out locks and shine to beautiful gray hair. Be sure to brush the back or crown eliminating the natural parting or flattening of hair.

Invite compliments by putting effort into looking and feeing stunning everyday. Think young and be unpredictable. It will do wonders to distract you from aches and pains. Celebrate everyday as Your special day.